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DFL To-Do Lists

This page contains lists of things planned or considered to be implemented in future versions of DFL. You can vote for up to 3 features in any of the below lists by putting your unique name next to the items.

The lists are in no particular order.

Official To-Do List

The official feature list planned for future versions of DFL. Please do not add items to this list (but go ahead and vote); use the below user list to make suggestions.

  • [done] TabControl control
  • [done] ListView control
  • [done] ToolBar control
  • [done] StatusBar control
  • [done] ProgressBar control
  • [done] Font choose dialog
  • [done] Color choose dialog
  • ReBars? Control - votes: d-k
  • Webbrowser Control - votes: d-k sleets bbeck Fei
  • Print dialog - votes: HienTau, richardh, ideage, Zane Sims Fei, Tofu
  • [done] Inheriting layout qualities (colors, etc)
  • [done] Scrolling
  • [partial] Support more image formats - votes: none
  • Layout managers - votes: anders, chman, sergk,cracki, Tofu
  • TrackBar (slider) - votes: Peter

User List

An unofficial feature list. Add your suggestions here. It will be moved to the above official list if the feature is approved.
Note: please direct bug fixes to BugList.

  • Pixel[] from Drawing - bmeck
  • Thread safety for static functions - votes: fraserofthenight, Tofu
  • [partial] Scaling - votes: none
  • [done] Resource loading
  • Use CreateParams to create non DFL windows - votes: none
  • Allow multiple threads to create controls and forms - votes: fraserofthenight, Tofu
  • Better DLL support - votes: rjones21, stuartd
  • PropertyGrid control for property sheets - votes: bbeck
  • [addon] Calendar or DatePicker control
  • [done] Compatibility with Tango
  • More customizable controls (colors, oval buttons, etc) - votes: Lectus
  • OpenGL? component - see AddOns
  • support for visual-studio like tabs. (see wxAUI on wxWidgets) - votes: Tofu
  • Remove Rebuild dependency for the Tango version - see Snapshots
  • Make all examples work with Tango and create easy to use batch files to build the examples
  • DataGridView? control - votes: Zane Sims, Tofu
  • More extensive GDI support, i.e. fillEllipse and predefined Pens and Brushes - Rob Tenney
  • Rotated fonts


  • More examples (please add your own as well)
  • More documentation (please write some yourself as well)
  • Linux/GTK+ support (fork?)
  • OsX? port (would be great - no real competitors)

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