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This Wiki Style

This page describes the style that should be followed while editing this Dprogramming.com Wiki.

Use the WikiSandbox to test these styles.

  • Use ~~~ to insert and link to your own name. Make sure your name is in the Author field when editing pages. You can also use ~~~~ instead, which also inserts the current date and time.

  • To insert comment text without disrupting the page, use ->''text'' - ~~~ You should add more dashes to the -> if the text you're commenting on is indented. For example, to comment on this bullet you would need to use --> To comment on a comment, you should indent another level by adding an extra - to your comment.
    This is a comment on the above bullet. - BillyBob?
    This is a comment on the previous comment. - JoeShmoe?
    This is another comment on the above bullet, separate from the other comments. - JohnDoe?

  • To insert code, you can use =d [= code here =] at the beginning of the line. The code can span multiple lines. Change the d to the language; for example: c, cpp, asm, etc. If a language isn't supported, add a comment to this bullet on this page or e-mail wiki at dprogramming.com.

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