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You are welcome to use this wiki for your own projects. Just edit the left navigation menu and add a wiki link to your project under the Projects heading, such as [[MyProject/HomePage |My Project]] or just type in your browser's address bar and use your project's name as a directory, such as http://wiki.dprogramming.com/MyProject/HomePage.

Note: directory names must start with an uppercase letter and should follow this JoinedWords notation.

It is not possible to create a sub directory in your project directory, so you may want to use separate directories for some things with many pages, such as

  • Directory MyProject for the main project.
  • Directory MyProjectDoc for documentation of MyProject.


Pages and directories can be password protected for read and/or write. If you would like to set passwords for your project, please e-mail wiki at dprogramming.com. Note that you can only have one password for read and one password for write per item. Files uploaded cannot be password protected.

Other Features

  • Add a SideBar page to your directory to make a custom left navigation menu.
  • Each directory can have an RSS feed by adding ?action=rss to the RecentChanges page of that directory, which will only list changes to pages in that directory.
  • To upload a file, edit the page with Attach:filename and then click on the link after saving. The upload password is the same as the passcode. It is not possible to rename an uploaded file, so you may wish to put version information in filenames. Note: files not linked on any wiki pages may be deleted from time to time.

E-mail wiki at dprogramming.com if you have feature suggestions such as new wiki markup.

dsource.org vs this wiki

  • dsource.org is a website dedicated to hosting D projects.
  • dsource.org has forums, source code versioning, tickets, and much more.
  • This wiki supports simple file uploads and structured wiki pages.
  • dsource.org requires signing up and manually asking for projects.
  • This wiki allows you to start with your project, start editing and upload files instantly.

Conclusion: this wiki is more useful for quickly starting with smaller code bases or just documents, dsource.org is more useful for fully-featured projects and teams.

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