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DFL Add-Ons

Note: it is easy for addons to become outdated. If an addon includes a lib file, it is likely you will need to rebuild it or not use it and directly compile the modules in with your program. Using rebuild or bud can avoid this issue.

Name Description Status
ExampleCode Page of different example code, which are not quite full addons.
D irclib Contains class DflIrcClient? that derives from IrcClient? and works well with DFL. Beta
DrawingArea Direct drawing into a bitmap. Alpha
dscintilla Scintilla text box control with extra dlex.dll that can handle D syntax.

See Scintilla Documentation for more information.
For the full scintilla source with dlex modifications, visit DLex.HomePage.

CalDate Primitive Calendar and Date Picker Controls Beta
GLControl Use OpenGL? on a DFL Control. Beta
GraphicsBuffer Double buffering for flicker-free drawing and persistence. Alpha
Printting Use Printer,PrintDialog in DFL. Alpha
DFLCalendar DFLCalendar for Tango. Alpha
Plot2Kill a 2-D plotting lib Alpha

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