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Changes to the next version.

0.9.7 on 20080226

DflCompat added for compatibility.

  • Fixed scrolling issue with display rectangle (and docked controls).
  • Fixed label edit (in-place text editing) for ListView and TreeView.
  • Now supports dfl.drawing.Picture with Tango.
  • Added examples/tango/pictureviewer.d demonstrating Picture using Tango.
  • Property Form.showInTaskbar now works correctly with all border styles.
  • Key events bubble up the hierarchy if they are not handled.
  • Form.dialogResult set to non-NONE now closes the form if shown with showDialog.
  • Button click event now sets Form.dialogResult to the Button.dialogResult.
  • Updated dfl.exe; now supports Tango.
  • Fixed critical MDI issue.
  • Control.onKeyPress and keyPress now take KeyPressEventArgs.
  • Fixed MenuItem.radioCheck.
  • Added function Control.disableVisualStyle to toggle visual style per control.
  • Updated Tango support to Tango 0.99.4.
  • Fixed mnemonics (control, menu); added Control.processMnemonic.
  • Updated dfl.exe; bug fixes and more options.
  • Added Tangobos support.
  • Form.onLoad/load called at different time: before first show.
  • Added Control.selectNextControl.
  • Reimplemented tab ordering, mnemonics, and other dialog processing.
  • Changed onVisibleChanged/visibleChanged.
  • Changed MDI activation.
  • Bug fixes.

0.9.6 on 20070806

More versions added for compatibility (SET_DFL_095).

  • Added ability to custom sort and re-sort ListView.
  • Added examples/listviewdirsort.d to demonstrate advanced ListView sorting.
  • Added dfl/statusbar.d with StatusBar control.
  • Added examples/status.d to demonstrate StatusBar.
  • Added property Application.userAppDataBasePath.
  • Added class Screen to dfl.drawing.
  • Control handles now recreate automatically if a property change requires it.
  • License updated in license.txt
  • Minor changes to work with DMD v1.012.
  • Added examples/regextester.d
  • Updated support to Tango 0.96 beta2; or version=DFL_TANGO0951beta1 for 0.95.1 beta1.

0.9.5 on 20070304

There has been significant changes to menus and object collections in this release. Check out the links for more information.

  • Better support for unicode internally.
  • Fixed menu item index bug.
  • Changed how radio buttons auto check (and uncheck).
  • Changed how enter and escape key events are handled.
  • Added class MemoryGraphics.
  • Added copyTo() functions to Graphics.
  • Added property Application.autoCollect, enabled by default, to invoke GC when idle.
  • Added property Splitter.movingGrip.
  • Changed how the default Control font is obtained.
  • Fixed click event bug when hidden controls were involved.
  • Implemented Form's maximumSize and minimumSize properties.
  • Fixed bug in Control.visible/show changing the z-order.
  • Changed Control layout code; dock and onLayout affected.
  • Fixed bug in Application.doEvents() returning incorrect value in some cases.
  • Many changes to how controls are shown and hidden; onVisibleChanged affected.
  • Label text can alpha blend with the background color.
  • License updated in license.txt
  • Form properly fires closing and closed events for modal dialogs.
  • Started support for control/form scaling. autoScale is default disabled but may change.
  • Added class ProgressBar.
  • Added examples/progress.d to demonstrate ProgressBar.
  • Panel now derives from ContainerControl instead of ScrollableControl.
  • Event handler parameter type contravariance; trial feature.
  • Added SystemIcons to dfl/drawing.d.
  • Added property Application.resources and module dfl.resources.
  • Added examples/rctest.d to demonstrate resource loading.
  • Updated dfl.exe; now performs version checks and expands file name wildcards.
  • Fixed Form system/window menus; used to show items not applicable to the styles.
  • String/text clipboard/Data formats are able to be converted automatically.
  • Moved dfl.winapi, dfl.utf, dfl.com and dfl.wincom to internal directory.
  • Directory structure now excludes dmd directory. Drop files in compiler directory.
  • Updated all "object collections"; changes include renaming count to length.
  • Adding items to menus has been modified. Menu.setDFL092() added for compatibility.
  • Added examples/dirlist.d to demonstrate FolderBrowserDialog.
  • Added support for Tango (http://dsource.org/projects/tango).
  • Implemented DataFormats.fileDrop.
  • Added examples/filedrop.d to demonstrate dragging and dropping files.
  • Splitter updated; now gives visual cues.
  • Finishing up Unicode/UTF support.
  • Added scrolling support.
  • Added examples/scroller.d to demonstrate scrolling.
  • Updated dfl.exe; will handle rebuilding DFL lib files for you.
  • Removed lib directory and default DFL lib files as they cause versioning issues.
  • Created a simple DFL installer.

0.9.2 on 20060202:

  • Better support for build (http://dsource.org/projects/build/).
  • Updated dfl.exe; now sets version=DFL_EXE.
  • Added classes AsyncSocket, AsyncTcpSocket and AsyncUdpSocket to dfl.socket.
  • Added examples/dflhtmlget.d to demonstrate sockets, hosts, rich text, etc.
  • Added property Button.image to show an image on the button instead of text.

0.9.1 on 20060106:

  • Added examples/droplist.d to demonstrate advanced drag and drop.
  • Application.doEvents() now returns false if the application should exit.
  • Some support for DLLs. See examples/dlltest.d.
  • Rewrote Label control and added features.
  • Controls can inherit backColor, foreColor, leftToRight, font and cursor.
  • Added onReflectedMessage() to process messages reflected from parent.
  • Added class Picture which can load different image formats.
  • Added debug and release lib files. dfl.exe uses either as appropriate.
  • Form is now hidden by default and Application.run() shows the mainForm.
  • Fixed up some of the examples.
  • Added members to Font.
  • Added class FontDialog.
  • Updated examples/dnote.d to demonstrate FontDialog.
  • Added "Windows hung" workaround.

0.9 on 20050606:

  • Control.invoke() and Control.invokeRequired() are finished. See tips.txt/Other.
  • Added examples/invoke.d to demonstrate Control.invoke() with multiple threads.
  • Added class Cursors.
  • Drag and drop works.
  • Added examples/drop.d to demonstrate drag and drop.
  • MDI works.
  • Added examples/mdi.d to demonstrate MDI.
  • Revised the directory layout. It is recommended to delete old DFL files first.
  • Added examples/tiplist.d shows how to use different tooltip text for list items.
  • Added class TabControl.
  • Added examples/tabs.d to demonstrate TabControl.
  • Added class ColorDialog.
  • Updated examples/paint.d to demonstrate ColorDialog.
  • Added class ListView.
  • Added examples/listview.d to demonstrate ListView.

0.8 on 20050224:

  • Started support for UTF-8.
  • Updated examples/dnote.d to support UTF-8.
  • Added Application.enableVisualStyles() to enable XP styles without a manifest file.
  • Finished enum Keys.
  • MessageBox.show() has been renamed to msgBox() to avoid future conflicts.
  • TextBox and RichTextBox should now fully support UTF-8.
  • Added Form.addShortcut() and Form.removeShortcut() for shortcut keys.
  • Added examples/shortcut.d to demonstrate shortcut keys.
  • Fixed a Control bounds (window rect) issue.
  • Added class Bitmap to drawing.d.
  • Added dfl/picturebox.d with PictureBox control.
  • Added examples/pictureviewer.d, a simple bitmap viewer.
  • Added class FolderBrowserDialog.
  • Changed behavior of default exception dialog to pause message loop.
  • Removed anchoring. It was always buggy. It's easy to do manually with the layout event.
  • Modal dialog close button hides it and sets dialogResult to DialogResult.CANCEL.

0.7 on 20041215:

  • Added SystemColors to dfl/drawing.d.
  • Added dfl/combobox.d with ComboBox control.
  • Added examples/combo.d to demonstrate ComboBox.
  • XP styles should work better with Button.
  • Added dfl/treeview.d with TreeView control.
  • Added examples/treeview.d to demonstrate TreeView.
  • Rectangle has been renamed to Rect to avoid conflicts.

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