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Object collections have changed in DFL 0.9.5. For example, ListBox.items, MenuItem.menuItems, and so on, are object collections. They are now more consistent, easier to manage and are more D-like.

  • count has been renamed to length, and clone renamed to dup. You can use the -d compiler switch to continue using the old names.

  • Enumerating all items is now more consistent. There is no longer getEnumerator, it is replaced with opApply/foreach, and the the index type, if specified, is size_t. You may need to change your code if you used int. For example, foreach(int index, Object obj; mylistbox.items) -> foreach(size_t index, Object obj; mylistbox.items), or just omit the type.

This was a fairly large undertaking and may contain some bugs. Please let me know if anything is not working correctly or if something changed too drastically.

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