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DFL Compatibility

Application.setCompat(DflCompat compat)

Sets application compatibility to the behavior of a previous version of DFL. This function is set as deprecated because it re-enables deprecated functionality; compile with -d to enable use.

enum DflCompat

  • FORM_DIALOGRESULT_096 - when a Form is in showDialog, changing the dialogResult from NONE doesn't close the form.

  • FORM_LOAD_096 - call onLoad/load and focus a control at old time.

  • CONTROL_PARENT_096 - parent controls now need to be container-controls; this removes that limit.

  • CONTROL_RECREATE_095 - controls don't recreate automatically when necessary.

  • MENU_092 - adding to menus is the old way.

Compile with -version=DFL_NO_COMPAT to disable compatibility.

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