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Update: committed some updates to DFL GTK dsource svn. There is code to put up a Form with a label. Anyone have some experience with GTK+ and/or want to help porting DFL to GTK?

Porting DFL to GTK has begun. This will allow a common subset of DFL features to run on both Windows and Linux, as well as any other platforms supported by GTK and D compilers. This common subset of DFL features shall be defined clearly, and will be given a unique name.

The process of connecting DFL to GTK involves using a forked code base, and will include a lot of the same code from the Windows version of DFL. The code will use the libpng/zlib license. This is the very early first step and I have not yet made the code available.

I am very interested in receiving help with this DFL+GTK effort, but at this point it is difficult without some core functionality, which I believe I should be the one to implement as I understand DFL's internals the most.

For now, I will post to HelpRequested with single parts that I'd appreciate help with at this point.

- Chris

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