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ToolTip is used to set the tool tip text of any Control.

ToolTip tt = new ToolTip();
tt.setToolTip(mainForm, "This is the ToolTip");

You will generally want to use the same ToolTip class instance for your whole Form and its child controls, or even for your whole application.

module dfl.tooltip;
public class ToolTip
public final bool active; [property setter]
public final bool active; [property getter]
public final DWORD automaticDelay; [property setter]
public final DWORD autoPopDelay; [property setter]
public final char[] getToolTip(Control ctrl);
public final HWND handle; [property getter]
public final DWORD initialDelay; [property setter]
public final void removeAll();
public final DWORD reshowDelay; [property setter]
public final void setToolTip(Control ctrl,char[] text);
public final bool showAlways; [property setter]
public final bool showAlways; [property getter]

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