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Application is the bulk of getting your program going mainly you just use the Application.run method to start your form up. Some other uses are managing when to do events and filtering messages or environmental variables.

module dfl.application;
public final class Application
public static void addMessageFilter(IMessageFilter mf);
public static bool autoCollect; [property getter]
public static bool autoCollect; [property setter]
public static bool doEvents(uint msDelay);
public static bool doEvents();
public static void enableVisualStyles();
public static char[] executablePath; [property getter]
public static void exit();
public static void exitThread();
public static HINSTANCE getInstance();
public static Event idle(Object,EventArgs);
public static bool messageLoop; [property getter]
public static void onThreadException(Object e);
public static void removeMessageFilter(IMessageFilter mf);
public static Resources resources; [property getter]
public static void run();
public static void run(void delegate() whileIdle);
public static void run(ApplicationContext appcon);
public static void run(ApplicationContext appcon,void delegate() whileIdle);
public static void run(Form mainForm);
public static void run(Form mainForm,void delegate() whileIdle);
public static void setInstance(HINSTANCE inst);
public static bool showDefaultExceptionDialog(Object e);
public static char[] startupPath; [property getter]
public static Event threadException(Object,ThreadExceptionEventArgs);
public static Event threadExit(Object,EventArgs);
public static char[] userAppDataBasePath; [property getter]
public static void waitForEvent();
public class ApplicationContext
public final void exitThread();
protected void exitThreadCore();
public final Form mainForm; [property getter]
public final Form mainForm; [property setter]
protected void onMainFormClosed(Object sender,EventArgs args);
public Event threadExit(Object,EventArgs);

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