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A Groupbox is a box used to put many associated controls together with a text label.


import dfl.all;

void main() {
        auto form = new Form;
        form.dockPadding.all = 5;

        auto group = new GroupBox;
        group.text = "Grouping...";

        auto label = new Label;
        label.dock = DockStyle.FILL;
        label.text = "Im in a group!.";

        group.dock = DockStyle.FILL;


module dfl.groupbox;
public class GroupBox: Control
protected void createParams(ref CreateParams cp);
public Size defaultSize; [property getter]
public Rect displayRectangle; [property getter]
protected void onFontChanged(EventArgs ea);
protected void onHandleCreated(EventArgs ea);
protected void onPaintBackground(PaintEventArgs ea);
protected void prevWndProc(ref Message msg);
protected void wndProc(ref Message msg);
[+] Inherited members
public static class GroupBox.ControlCollection
public void add(Control ctrl);
public bool contains(Control ctrl);
public int indexOf(Control ctrl);
public int length; [property getter]
public int opApply(int delegate(ref Control) dg);
public int opIndex; [property getter]
protected final Control owner; [property getter]
public void remove(Control ctrl);
public void removeAt(int i);

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