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Notes for making a better DFL Tutorial

DFL needs a decent tutorial. Here are some notes. Feel free to add to this page and use it for ideas for improving a DFL tutorial.

Whoever you are, please drop some suggestions or turn some suggestions into paragraphs of text/code/images. The smallest contribution helps.

??? ... introductory yadda yadda ...

??? explain the proximity to win32 api and other native windows toolkits (MS, borland's VCL, ...). hint at adding GTK compatibility.

??? explain phobos vs. tango, DMD vs. GDC, ... general choices

First, follow these setup instructions to get DFL ready for use.

??? instruct reader to grab a particular (TBD) source from \dmd\packages\dfl\examples, compile it with "dfl -gui <stuffies>", check that it compiled okay (show example output on a console), run the app and compare to screenshot visible right here.

Now that you have a working setup, ...

??? explain usual structure of a GUI: one main form, containing widgets with absolute location and size, and maybe a menu bar. hint at MDI stuff.

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