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Welcome to the official dbot wiki page!

About Dbot

Dbot is a bot (robot) that lives on the official D programming language IRC chat channel #D found on freenode. Click here for more information about the IRC channel. The bot code was written entirely in the D programming language and uses dirclib for interfacing with the IRC protocol. Dbot serves many functions of information as well as entertainment.

There is also channel #dbot that should be used for testing dbot's features. Here you may "command flood" (within reason). This is so that you do not disrupt other channels.

Dbot's Features

Here is a list of dbot's features. Click on a feature for more information.

Picture of Dbot

Dbot on a warm summer day.

Dbot's Commands

Here is a list of dbot's commands. Click on a command for more information.

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