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Dbot features a very basic AI module, which allows users on IRC to hold conversations with dbot.

To chat with dbot, prefix your messages with "dbot: "; for example:

   * chatman has joined #dbot
  <chatman> dbot: hello
  <dbot> chatman: Hey there!
  <chatman> dbot: How are you?
  <dbot> chatman: ;p how are you?
  <chatman> dbot: I'm good, thanks for asking
  <dbot> chatman: stop repeating me
  <chatman> dbot: You repeated me ;)
  <dbot> chatman: You rock!
  <chatman> dbot: Thanks! You're pretty swell yourself
  <dbot> chatman: I don't think I can
  <chatman> dbot: That's too bad
  <dbot> chatman: That's deep
  <chatman> dbot: I think I should go now.. see you later
  <dbot> chatman: I love you
  <chatman> dbot: Thanks :)
   * chatman Quit ("foo") 

See ClassicQuotes for some of dbot's classic moments.

Dbot has also been known to speak in several different languages, even Chinese! (Please stick to latin-1 or UTF-8). How many chatbots are capable of doing this so seamlessly?

There are also some commands that can be used to help dbot to learn, click on one of the below commands for more information:

Dbot's AI module source can be downloaded upon request (incomplete).

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