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This is DBot's Forest Game Rules

About Forest game

The forest game is not made by the maker of DBot but by a supporter. It is a text adventure game using Dbot's powerful alias interface Have fun playing. =)

Important Rules (READ THIS!)

  • 1st - You can't do anything to lose. If some action causes you to lose an item, you're supposed to lose that item.
  • 2nd - Don't take too long to play. Dbot's memory limitations will start forgetting things after a while (like that you had certain items) so play in one sitting. if you think you have lost an item for absolutely no reason, check ?inv. if it is missing, either try to get it again, or if you can't; you must type ?game to restart and retrace your steps.
  • 3rd - Make time. The game could take an hour to complete or more depending on your skill level.

Forest Game commands

This is a list of the commands you type in the room with DBot to play the game.

  • ?game
    • Start a new game
  • ?enter room
  • ?go room
    • Move into a different area.
  • ?leave
    • Leave the current building/area.
  • ?take object
  • ?grab object
  • ?get object
  • ?pickup object
    • Attempt to pick up an object
  • ?look
  • ?where
    • Look around at where you are or what's going on.
  • ?use item
  • ?give item
    • Use/give an item in your current area.
  • ?inventory
  • ?inv
    • Shows what items you have.
  • ?walk
    • Walk in circles.


YOU: ?game
Dbot: enter what game?
YOU: ?enter forest
DBot: You're in forest. you can go north.
YOU: ?go north
DBot: You're at a clearing. You can go south to the forest or east to the town.
YOU: ?enter town
DBot: You're in the town. you see a frog. You can go west, east.
YOU: ?grab frog
DBot: You grab the frog.
YOU: ?go east
DBot: You see a volcano. paths to east,west.
YOU: ?inv
DBot: You have A Frog! A rock!
YOU: ?use rock
DBot: You throw the rock into the volcano. it errupts. the Example is over! LOL

Hints (that won't spoil the game)

These Hints are basics of how to ensure you haven't missed anything.

  • If the game says "try again later" or "maybe you should try X". Most likely if you follow what it says, it will accomplish something if it hasn't already.
  • The word "later" means you probably have to leave and perhaps accomplish something else and when you try again after that. It may give you a different response.
  • Some paths are not so easy to notice. If any word the game uses would make sence to use ?go or ?enter before it, TRY IT, it will likely give a response (even when the wording seems to imply the path is blocked or that it's not a path at all). (some of the paths are sneaky and hidden, so look out for any good ideas.)
  • Any objects in the game you can try to pick up. Not all will allow you to, but at least it'll say something funny for your efforts. ;p
  • ?use is only for items. You can't use items you don't pick up first.
  • Use ?look whenever an event has happened, often your surroundings will have changed and will help you continue.

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